4 Essential Features a Grocery iPhone App Must Have

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Can’t say for sure about everyone out there, but grocery apps been a lifesaver for millions of households. Husbands no longer have to wait and fight boredom in the meantime their wives spend hours in supermarkets and wives certainly embrace the new, one-click, bargaining-less, way to get groceries at great prices.

The population’s shift towards online stores to fulfill their everyday needs had made many entrepreneur & iPhone app development companies in USA, jump on the bandwagon. They are constantly coming up with new e-commerce stores ideas on both app and web platforms.

The concept of online grocery shopping iPhone application is rather new but it’s experiencing a precipitated growth. Here are the features your grocery application must have to become an instant hit:

  1. Coupons

Coupons encapsulate the power to gather masses of people to your iPhone application. Well, who wouldn’t like to order $5 worth of tomatoes in 50% off?

For your grocery app, provide such discount coupons in both digital and paper forms is certainly a great tactic. Additionally, you can exploit this (coupon) phenomenon on occasions, festivities, and weekends to even improve your app revenue.

  1. Allowing Your User to Create & Save Shopping Lists

Making a list of grocery items every time one heads out to shop, is an exhaustive practice that sometimes debilitates all the motivation of the shopping trips.

If you enable your users to create a grocery list on your iPhone app, it will be a great help for them. You can go a step ahead by allowing them to save it, render a handwritten list by taking a picture of it by phone’s camera.

  1. Home Delivery

Not to mention, without home delivery services, the e-commerce industry stands no chance against the traditional ways of shopping.

Make sure that every item, be it big or small, is delivered right to the doorstep of the customers. Being an iPhone app development service, you can add another star to your brand stature by offering free-of-cost home delivery to customers over a certain purchase amount.

  1. Cash On Delivery

No doubt that the government is pitching in constant efforts to promote cashless transactions. However, still, a big group of people still doesn’t have have access to online means of payments and the ‘cash on delivery’ feature will be a big help for many households.

Every elementary feature that brings ease to your users’ lives and sets you apart from the rest will definitely lead to grand and unprecedented success.

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