4 Ways Your iPhone Hotel App Can Offer More Than Just Booking a Room

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To many hotel owners, it took more than a year to realize that their business actually needs a mobile app. However, developing a mobile app for your hotel is more than just allowing your users to book a room and initiate a call.


No doubt, iPhone app development companies in USA will charge your pocket extra with every added feature. However, some app features enable you to personally connect with your customers while increasing the engagement, and enhancing the experience.


Features such as push notifications, reviews, and services customization stand your hotel apart from ‘just any other hotel’ in your customer’s eyes. Hotels that value their customer’s comfort and connect with them personally, experience long-term, happy customers.


It’s actually possible to turn your iPhone Hotel App into a relationship building tools by adding the following features to it:


1. Push Notifications

These notifications on your user’s home screen acknowledge them about discounts, upcoming events, and special loyalty bonuses.


2. News

To acknowledge your users regarding any festivals your hotel celebrates and events it hosts. You can further send them a free invitation to attend.


3. Service & Time Customization

To allow them to decide when they don’t want to food or housekeeping department disturbs them. Update your hotel staff with their choices.


4. Food Customization

Ask them about their eating choices. What they want to order or not. Moreover, options such as sugar-free for diabetics and low-salt for high blood pressure patients are great. You can even dive deeper by asking them which ingredients they won’t prefer.


Having a iPhone Hotel App loaded with the aforesaid features is just your stepping stone. Your real work starts by downloading and analyzing several other apps, noting down their beneficial features, and including them in your app.


Checking your own app for bugs constantly is also elemental. Some iPhone app development services also offer ASO and digital marketing services. If your budget is strong, by all means, avail them.



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