Climbing in League of Legends With LOL Tier List

Being in low ranks and playing with players of such caliber definitely feels bad, but once you’re out it gets a lot better. You just have to abuse these players who don’t really care and are holding everyone else in low ranks to get out of it.

The two types of players you will face

Higher ranks is really where it kicks in and gets into another level so there are two types of players here, the first group have massive egos, the ones who have like a thousand games plus played in diamond and they’re stuck, they’re angry and they’re frustrated but they’re addicted to the game and they play all day. These are going to be the ones that will try to the best of their limits when winning but they will give up when they’re losing because they know it does not matter, “I am just going to play again afterwards anyway and win that instead”. This type of mentality is what makes them hard stuck in their ranks and also the delusion of having ample amount of time to spend so they can play as many games as they want without giving it their all in each. The second group of people who are trying to improve are quite humble, they admit their mistakes and they try-hard no matter what because they want to climb and they want to get to the highest of ranks possible. There is also a massive mix of the entire 2 groups we discussed above in these games now, people regularly tilt and rage and end up ranking several ranks and sometimes even a whole division because of massive loss-streaks.

Getting the edge over your opponents to climb

League of Legends has a ranking system which lets you play in a competitive manner as a 5 player team, where you receive a specific ranking based on how well you play and winning will only get you further up the ranks. This is where jungle tier list come in, providing insight on what champions are going to do well in the new patch and giving you a step ahead while playing the game.

Accepting losses and not getting frustrated

Sometimes, there can be massively big skill gaps in games and you just have to kind of accept how that it is, but don’t discard it as nothing since it is really good practice.

Needing an edge over opponents as you climb since everyone is exceptionally good

As you climb, the mechanics of players around you also become really, really good and they all have good general game knowledge too, definitely higher than lower ranks you climb out of but it’s still got a lot to learn. This is where specific knowledge comes in so like matchups exactly and how to play fights or when to push leads and stuff, like you’ll do well in the moment of a fight but not at creating the situation in the first place. That’s often where like late-game throws happen actually.

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