How do successful films impact book sales?

It’s hardly a rare thing for a popular book to be turned into a movie. Movie adaptations of novels are popping all the time, which is hardly surprising if you consider some of the hugely successful movie franchises that have stemmed from books.

You only have to look as far as the Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Twilight and Hunger Games franchises to see that plenty of films based on great books have made a killing in the Hollywood box office.

However, movie adaptations are not just great for getting bums on cinema seats. Many authors are only to happy to let their work be reproduced on the big screen because of the effect it is likely to have on book sales too.

Why do great films help increases book sales?

This trend is commonly referred to as the ‘book to movie bounce’ and could be explained for a number of reasons. For starters, a Hollywood blockbuster often introduces a book to hundreds of thousands of people who had never heard of it before. Many believe that if they enjoyed the film, they will definitely enjoy the book as well and the majority are right!

A lot of these people are keen readers anyway and are interested in how the original story was told. They also appreciate the greater depth that authors go into when describing a tale, its characters and the scene that surrounds them.

There are plenty of readers who prefer reading the book after seeing the movie rather than vice-versa. Many would agree that a film adaptation often loses a lot of crucial detail that features in the book and, in doing so, leaves them disappointed. This can rarely be helped, of course. It is nigh-on impossible to get all of the detail of a novel into a film whilst keeping the attention of the average movie-goer.

Another demographic which helps increase the book sales is the film fanatics. These individuals might not necessarily be keen readers, but they become so obsessed with a great film that they want to read the book as well.

The publishers

When a novel is made into a film, the publishers will often print new copies in order to try and benefit from this extra exposure. These new copies may even have a cover based on the movie artwork in order to promote it to the demographics listed above.

Bookshops will also be more likely to give the book pride of place in their store in order to take advantage of the movie-mania taking place. This increased marketing is likely to play a significant role in the increase of book sales as well.

There are some people who think it’s a waste of time to read the book after seeing the movie. These people are often regular novel readers and aren’t happy reading a book where they already know what’s going to happen.

Nevertheless, the statistics show that there are plenty of people who love the book all the same.

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