Looking to Increase Online Sales? Advices from these 4 E-Commerce Experts will Help

You had a great e-commerce store idea. After months of hard work and contemplation, you’ve successfully converted that into a functional online store. But, still the fortune is not favoring you, your store has been abandoned by the visitors and your ROI is almost zero. You are sure that there’s something you are still missing.

Don’t worry, we are here to help you out. We’ve collected advice by e-commerce experts working in the top PHP web development companies in USA and have summed that up in this list. Here’s all you need to know what they suggest:

  1. Graham Charlton

Online shoppers embrace low-hanging fruits and long checkout or registration processes completely turn them off.

For instance, you don’t have to ask for customer’s address on the time he/she sign up.

  1. Steve Chou

Steve Chou says that the first three things he notices in the first 10 second after opening an online store are: How it’s the better option than alike competitors? Does it consist a ‘clear call to action’? and Does each page at least have one objective? If anything is missing of the three, add it right away.

  1. Roger Dooley

Roger Dooley advice start up online businesses to learn from Amazon that allows its customers to move around or complete processes frictionlessly.

If your PHP web development company has delivered an e-commerce store that is slow to load and demands the users to fill lengthy forms, then it’s high time you got it redesigned for ease of use.

  1. Jonathan Payne

Do not hurry when it comes to launching your dream project on the internet, says Jonathan. He advises enterprises to strengthen their foundation and go through multiple testing phases.

“You have to try this latest, greatest eCommerce tip to massively increase your sales!” – He says.


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