Strong champions to be careful of in the game League of Legends

Today we are looking at the new best champions in the game League of Legends to give you an idea of what this crazy meta actually looks like, just a little bit.


Lucian is like the premiere AD Carry right now. Has a brutal laning phase, that nets him a big lead which he can then snowball to a victory. There isn’t really much a weaker AD Carry can do against him to be honest. Lucian is just going to jump in, he’ll trade, he’ll chunk you and even if you can return some damage, he’s gonna hit it back up with his lifesteal and then do the same again. Blade of the Ruined King as first item is working so well for him, for that reason and Essence Reaver for his second item adds another level of damage that other AD Carries just really cannot match. He’s going to have some lifesteal. He’ll have health, he will have mobility anyway from his kit and a lot of damage that means he can survive and sustain the other champions around him and put out some damage himself. He does start to fall off a little bit later in comparison, but most games are over by 30 minutes now so it doesn’t really matter.


Know more about the strongest champions in League of Legends

League of Legends has been very diverse and offered a good amount of variety by shifting powers and strengths in champions with every new patch making it so that there are new OP champions that you should be careful of. The best way to look out for them are by checking out this league tier list which offers the very best champions rated per lane which is Top, Mid, Bot, Support and Jungle.


Yasuo is probably the best non-marksman Carry or bot lane carry that you can play. He works well for a lot of reasons, but maybe the most common reason that is missed is that AD Carries base stats were nerfed making his survivability through the constant harass from a ranged champion a lot easier. He obviously has a passive shield for that as well, which helps and he can even run double targon’s brace to make it even easier and there are a lot of supports there as well which can set up your ultimate for free which means dominating a 2v2 is not really that difficult, especially against an AD Carry. Finally, you also scale well, your team doesn’t really lose out on what a traditional AD Carry brings to the team since you still have that critical strikes for damage.


So Talon is most likely the best assassin we have at the moment. He thrives in his chaos style games with a ton of fights so he’s actually getting better and better. He can one-shot people with his combo from 100% which will catch a lot of people off-guard. He’s also a roaming god, he picks up Mobi Boots and he can be in another lane really quickly, before you even realize.

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