Blaupunkt TV Remote is Not Working

Blaupunkt TV is the most popular brand due to its affordable price and multi-functional features. A new remote with your new TV may sometimes not work correctly. If you have a remote problem, looking for a solution, you have come to the right place. Here, I will discuss Blaupunkt TV remote not working issues along with freezing and blank screen issues. As well as I will discuss how to reset Blaupunkt TV and its remote, which can also work with GE remote. Suppose you have any problems that can be resolved after understanding this post. You don’t need any technical knowledge, and you don’t become an expert to solve these issues, which will fix with a few little steps, which I will explain below.

How To Use Blaupunkt TV Without Remote

If your remote got damaged or not working as expected, you would need to think about using Blaupunkt TV without a remote. Fortunately, you can control your TV without a remote and access all the apps and settings using buttons under the TV panel or an android App found in the Google play store.

  • Connect all the cables correctly and turn on your TV Blaupunkt TV.
  • Find the corresponding buttons under the TV panel, such as power, volume, channels, menu, etc.
  • Press the desired button manually to control the TV without the remote control.

If your TV doesn’t have buttons to control the device, you can download an android App found in the Google play store. Connect the internet to the TV to use the virtual remote control. This remote App allows you to access Netflix apps, settings, menu, and more. If the App doesn’t work as expected, you will need to reinstall the App or buy new Blaupunkt remote control online.

Where Is The Reset Button On A Blaupunkt TV

Usually, the reset option is found in TV settings. Also, you can see the reset button on Blaupunkt TV under the TV panel. If the TV has a physical button, you can press and hold it to reset your TV. If not, you must find the reset option through the onscreen prompts.

  • To reset the Blaupunkt TV, turn it on manually.
  • Locate the remote at the TV sensor and access the menu using the remote control.
  • Select the “SETTINGS” icon in the menu to enter TV settings.
  • Find the “Storage & Reset” option and select it.
  • After this, select “factory data reset” to reset the TV. You will get a warning message.
  • Before resetting the TV, note down all the passwords and save the required settings.
  • After pressing the “factory data reset”, the TV reset to factory settings.

How To Reset Blaupunkt TV Remote

You will need to reset the remote when it is not working as expected or not responding to the device. To reset the Blaupunkt TV remote, remove the batteries from the remote control for a minute and press the “POWER” button for a few seconds. After this, insert the new batteries into the remote and press the “POWER” button once. You remote reset to factory settings once after doing this process.

How To Turn On Blaupunkt TV Without Remote

You can turn on Blaupunkt TV using the “POWER” button under the TV panel. Connect the power cable to the TV and press the “POWER” button once to turn on the TV.

Why Blaupunkt TV Not Responding To Remote

First, check the remote by keeping it before the signal imitator. If the remote works, you must fix the problem with the TV. Save the passwords and previous settings of your TV and reset the TV, as mentioned earlier in this post. As well as remove the obstructions between the remote and the TV. Now control the TV using the remote to operate your Blaupunkt TV.

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