How To Pair My Kodi App With https

According to my opinion, the olpair brought a great change in kodi video streaming. In most of the kodi addons, the user selected videos are not streaming well. For them, the kodi developers are introduced the olp[air. To use this olpair you need to pair your IP address with the olpair IP address, also you need stream authentication.

In this article, we are going to give the information of how to pair the device which has kodi software by using https, how to get rid of stream authorization required. Let me begin our today’s tutorial.

How to pair my device with https olpair .com

If you want to get rid of the errors you need to fix the olpair on your device. To fix the olpair on your device you have the simple steps and they will help you definitely.

  1. First, you have to start your “Kodi Software” on your device
  2. Just click on any video or any movie to watch
  3. Now you would get some interrupted servers list
  4. From that servers list, you have to select “”
  5. Now you need to select a video from the olpair
  6. Now you will get “To play this video you need stream authorization”
  7. For that, you have to open a “Browser”
  8. In that browser just enter the address as “”
  9. “I am not a robot’ will appear just give a tick on the “Empty Box”
  10. Finally, select “Pair”
  11. Now you will get a notification which says “Your device paired successfully”

This is the process to fix the olpair error to your device when your device says “stream authorization required”. So just use this chance once and get rid of the issue which gives servers list. This pair will stay up to four hours, after four hours you have to do it again. So you should follow this again and again for every four hours.

When Do We Follow The Olpair Fixing Method

Whenever you trying to open the movie on your kodi you would get different servers list. From them, you can select the olpair server from all among the servers. After that, you need to follow the above-provided steps and you can solve this problem as early as possible.


This article contains all the information about the olpair. From this article every person, those who are using kodi software on their devices can use this article instructions and get rid of the olpair servers and stream authorization required errors.

You can ask any doubts about the olpair and get a genuine answer from us. Then why late just follow our instructions and ask other doubts which are not included in this article about the olpair.


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